The management of SMART cs disposes of many years of international experiences in the Energy Sector. The development of new business areas in the industry of Renewable Energies is a continuation of this tradition. Solar and LED technology are core competences which are complemented by Consulting and Trading of High-Tech products in the B-2-B sector as they belong to the field of experience too.

Executive Board

Dr. Martin Hambückers (CEO, Founder & Shareholder)


Dr. Martin holds a PhD in Business Administration and is founder of the SMART connecting solutions Holding. As a multilingual North German with Italian roots he has over 5 years of international experience abroad (Italy, France, UAE, Saudi Arabia). His career began in the corporate consulting and the automotive industry. Since 2009 he has been working for well-known international Tier 1 Photovoltaic Panel Manufacturers from Germany, France, USA and China. He gained several years of experience in management positions in the B-2-B trade of renewable energy prodcuts. At last, he successfully restructured a 60-member company as Managing Director.


"The positive results obtained so far in my executive and consulting activities confirm my resolve and professionalism as well as my ability and reliability in project and strategic management. Entrepreneurial sense, high dedication plus emotional intelligence are part of my profile which will generate the decisive advantage for you and your customers.



Let's meet face-to-face and decide how we can combine our mutual interests into a solid win-win-solution."

Our Team

We have a team of exceptional individuals with various backgrounds. Our research engineers, computer scientists, business analysts, and sales people are passionate about what they do. We all share a common vision of building the next generation of smart energy solutions.


"We are dynamic and pro-active sales and marketing professionals with hands-on mentality. Listening to our customers’ needs in combination with our entrepreneurial skills offers us the chance to provide smart solutions.


As open-minded unconventional thinker we are stimulated by interdisciplinary and intercultural tasks. It is our passion to introduce our own ideas in a con¬structive way and by this arouse enthusiasm among our business partners.


One of our strengths is careful analysis of customer needs for sophisticated technological products. This approach is complemented by comprehensive research and combined with subsequent reflection and goal-directed creativity. In most cases this leads to new solutions, optimal results and therefore to a very customer-oriented strategy.


Our thinking, acting and impact are closely scrutinised which leads to a continuous optimisation of our soft skills. Solution-oriented and well-thought-out acting, holistic and at the same time unconventional and visionary thinking are part of our philosophy. Thereby, authenticity and honesty form the backbone of our character. Lifelong learning and flexibility belong to our principles.


We like to face new challenges with enthusiasm and commitment. Innovations and exceptional solutions fascinate us. With a full sense of responsibility, we are quite determined in what we do. Thanks to our excellent knowledge of languages (German, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish) and many work experiences abroad we work efficiently and effectively in an international team."


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