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Smart connecting solutions is driven by new technologies and great innovations. We evaluate and continiously choose useful inventions to provide a satisfying service based on individual needs of our diversified clientele. Apart from the following list of our service activities we would like to highlight our new business fields.

We also operate as Real Estate Agent for investments in private or professional buildings in Germany and Italy. In addition, we help you to open a business activity, an office, a new branche or a bank account in Germany. On special request, we find potential customers for your products in Europe, Middle East and Africa. We boost your im-/export possibilities by presenting new business partners and customers according to your needs.

We invite you to get in touch with us for the following fields for which we offer Strategic Consultancy on an international level.

Repair Service for Photovoltaic String Inverters

Together with our German ISO-certified cooperation partner we have established a Repair Service for Photovoltaic Inverters at the component level. All current manufacturers can be checked and usually repaired. A repair can pay off, especially with discontinued product types.

Advantages of an inverter repair
Defective inverters cause loss of revenue. With an inverter repair, however, the damage can be repaired quickly. Component-level repair is often less expensive than new equipment, as the use of new inverter can result in unnecessary technical adjustment costs. This way, you can quickly generate electricity and secure your income.

     +   repair results in less electronic waste
     +   more than 90% of all broken inverters can be repaired
     +   repair usually within 2 weeks feasible

Why is a repair useful?
The repair service is usually cheaper than a new inverter, unless there is a total loss. Thanks to a repair, you can identify the cause of the damage and clarify the reason for the failure. With the clear damage report you can prove the defect to your insurance company. The replacement of defective components and wearing parts increases the life expectancy of the inverters.
We help you because we care about our customers.

Contact us.

new          Artificial Intelligence | We understand DATA          new

Thanks to an agreement made at this year's CeBit we are happy to announce that from April 2017 we offer very smart Artificial Intelligence Solutions. This means we provide affordable visual recognition API (Application Programming Interface) for developers and businesses. Using this unique A.I. API solution, you are now able to  analyze your images, PDF, videos or train your own personal data in-house or in the cloud.

Small and Mid caps worldwide print millions of documents. Every day. More than 50 million documents each month for tax report, correspondences, bills etc. To “digitalize” all this, the documents are scanned and transformed into PDFs. But: How to identify these documents? How to find them after a few months? How to use the content inside the documents? Solution: With A.I., better known as Deep Learning.

For more detailed information and for a concrete demo we kindly ask you to get in touch with us.

Expand your Business to Iran | Find new clients in Iran

SMART connecting solutions helps you to find the right local partner for boosting your business and for building entry barriers to protect you from severe competitors who all try to be on the same market counting approximately 80 million extremly motivated and highly educated inhabitants.


Iran presents an important opportunity for multinational companies that operate in emerging markets. But managing expectations about the country’s trajectory is crucial for building an effective strategy. A smart approach will find the sweet spot: advancing ahead of competitors while sidestepping first-mover mistakes that often plague companies in unfamiliar, rapidly changing, high-stakes business environments.

Grap your opportunities now!

While the oil and gas sector gets the most attention, Iran’s diversified economy is attracting companies across industries. In particular, consumer-oriented sectors are counting on Iran’s large, young (more than 60% under 30 years old), and urbanized (more than 70%) population to be loyal customers in the future. Apart from ambitious Iranian car manufacturers like Iran Khodro (IKCO) and SAIPA and pharmaceutical companies also the Iranian tourism sector attracts more and more visitors each year. The cultural heritage is really overwhelming. This boost the country’s construction industry on all levels; from streets to luxury hotels.

SMART cs is your Trade and Export Guide!

Based on frequent conversations with Iran-focused multinational companies, there are five notable challenges that deserve immediate attention in order to reap the benefits of the Iranian market:

1. Updating global compliance policies. A comprehensive compliance strategy is the essential bedrock for building and implementing a successful Iran plan. Companies need to confirm that their policies are compliant by consulting with an external sanctions lawyer.
2. Overcoming a lack of market data. Companies looking to enter the market should identify and track leading macroeconomic indicators of specific customer segments. Focusing on data such as population growth, inflation, and GDP growth is a way to anticipate market developments.
3. Finding the right local partners. While it is possible to set up a direct presence, using local distributors at first is strongly advised. The best way to identify new partners involves in-person due diligence. Companies are increasingly considering a “Dubai model,” in which they use local partners in the UAE to connect with distributors in Iran. Many foreign companies have already employed a similar approach through a “Turkish model,” involving partners based in Istanbul.
4. Reclaiming brand equity. Customers may have distorted views of foreign goods that are in Iran illegally. Senior executives should be ready to trace the origins of and combat grey market trade and counterfeits of their products in Iran. Otherwise, companies risk facing challenges related to pricing, value, and positioning against competitors.
5. Accessing foreign exchange. Often, local companies spend weeks waiting for access to foreign currency to import goods from their foreign partners. Without access to the U.S. financial system, this pressure will not ease in the near term. Moreover, this problem is likely to persist because Iran is unifying dual currency exchange rates while also seeking to protect local producers from volatility.

Download our brochure about "Business in Iran"

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List of Services and Fields of Activity

     Following the know how and wisdom of ancient cultures we will not
     leave you alone with your necessities. We will care for you since you
     can walk by yourself. Here is another overview about our activities:

     Business Representations
     Electric Generators
     Energy Sector
     Employee Training

     Food (Olive Oil, Wine, other Delicacies)


     Machine Tools
     Medical Equipment
     Oil & Gas
Fine Art Photography
     Project Management
     Recruiting (high potentials)
     Renewable Energy
     Services (Real Estate Agent / Strategic Consultancy)

     Smart Phones (Apple / Samsung / refurbished phones)

     Software Solutions (Artificial Intelligence / Virtual Reality)
     Turnkey Solutions
     Water Treatment

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