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SMART cs Partner von brainLight präsentiert Shiatsu Massagesessel SPHERE | elegant white beige
SMART cs distribution partner of brainLight presents Shiatsu massage chair SPHERE | elegant white beige

The Ultimate Comfort Experience


4 unique luxury

shiatsu massage chairs

incl. refreshing
audio-visual RELAXATION

35 years of   High-Tech   eXPERIENCE

brainLight   ~   life in balance

german quality   since 1988

The supreme FEEL-GOOD experience just for YOU!


Looking for relaxation? Then brainLight is the place for you! This unique combination of Shiatsu-Massage Chair and audio-visual deep relaxation unit allows for an optimal experience of relaxation. The brainLight-Shiatsu-Massage-Chair is thereby controlled by an audio-visual brainLight-System - either a brainLight Synchro PRO or brainLight relax Tower PRO. This is possible through our globally unique Shiatsu-Sync-Technology. Depending on where and how you want to use the relaxation system will determine, which combination would be right for you.

   Based on scientific audio-visual stimulation for deep relaxation!

It is our strength to keep the overview when things are getting complicated.

The brainLight system offers unbelievable COMFORT!


Incredible convenience! ... It's that easy!

Choose the right massage chair for you and enjoy pure relaxation! Are you under stress and can hardly switch off in the evening after work? Back pain and tension can be the consequences of a high workload. A massage in one of the following brainLight Shiatsu Massage Chairs works real wonders.

    You don't have to use your imagination.

    Just choose your favorite chair and feel completely comfortable!

Thanks to our large portfolio, we are sure to meet your requirements.

unique worldwide

The combination of 3 relaxation methods

visual stimulation




auditory therapy

Light pulsing & emitting glasses.

A high quality brainLight massage chair.

A soft voice, music or special frequencies.

brainLight Effects

1. immediately after application

Immediate stress reduction, deep relaxation after approx. 5-10 minutes, replacement for approx. 2 hours of sleep (deep regeneration), access to the right hemisphere of the brain and thus to the subconscious as well as improved absorption of learning content into long-term memory!

2. medium-term after 5 times

More peace and serenity in everyday life, higher stress resistance and resilience, increased performance, more mental clarity and easier decision-making, well-being for body and mind as well as the activation of self-healing powers!

3. long-term if regularly applied

Increasing concentration, improving memory & learning performance, better responsiveness, increased & lasting resistance to stress, lasting increase in performance in many areas of life, dealing positively with daily challenges in life, increasing brain activity, improving intuitive decision-making behavior, meditation experiences, shaping the future based on inner knowledge and inner strength as well as one Increase in sensory perception!

1. Sep 2023 | press release
SMART cs = brainLight distributor

To mark our 8th company anniversary,
we are delighted to announce a
further expansion of our range.

Our sneak preview only reveals this much:

Pure deep RELAXATION  
in just 10-20 minutes!

ergonomically unique
massage chair

+  Shiatsu massage
+  Foot massage     
+  Back massage    
+  Heat function      
+  Glasses              
+  Headphones       

SMART cs presents brainLight awards European Health & Spa Award German brand award winner 23 HORECA award
European Health & Spa + German brand 23 + HORECA
SMART cs is distribution partner of brainLight
brainLight Shiatsu massage chair FLOW
SMART cs presents brainLight awards: Industriepreis Bestenliste 2023  Innovationspreis ERGONOMIE 2023  LBY Luxury Brand of the Year 2016
Industriepreis Bestenliste + Innovationspreis ERGONOMIE 2023 LBY Luxury Brand of the Year 2016


mental and physical WELL-BEING
in one go and with enjoyment!


Through the unique interplay of


based on tradition & tech-science.

Absolute DEEP relaxation!
@ home or in the office!


More details here.

Contact us now.

SMART cs presents brainLight awards: PLUS X AWARD + TOP Brand Corporate Health 2023 + Wellness & Spa Innovation award 2017
PLUS X AWARD + TOP Brand Corporate Health 2023 + Wellness & Spa Innovation award 2017

Founded in Germany with over 35 years of experience, brainLight offers 4 types of ergonomically unique and luxury massage chairs in combination with audiovisual stimuli to stimulate WELL-BEING in the form of deep and immediate RELAXATION within just 10-20 minutes based on the tradition of Japanese, Swedish and Chinese massage and transforming through high-tech science everything into a single product without any knowledge of how to apply forms of meditation or yoga to get the maximum WELL-BEING.
Awarded several times in recent years, the brainLight system not only impresses the expert jury and press, but also many renowned international companies, health institutions and fitness and spa wellness organizations around the globe.

#1     4 D Zenesse   ...   the ultimate way to your inner center

4 D ZENESSE   |   air pressure massage points


brainLight Shiatsu massage chair 4D Zenesse presented by SMART cs
brainLight Shiatsu massage chair 4D Zenesse | front | white

The affordable luxury way to your inner center

The design of the brainLight-Shiatsu-Massage Chair 4D Zenesse, is completely inspired by far-eastern philosophy and creates an elegant interplay of opposites, yin and yang, passive and active, which is necessary to bring body, mind and soul into harmony. Thus, Zenesse is able to cradle and gently touch you, but also to strongly massage, elongate, stretch and strengthen you - depending on what you need at the moment to center yourself.

More details here:

4 D ZENESSE   |   side view


brainLight Shiatsu massage chair 4D Zenesse presented by SMART cs
brainLight Shiatsu massage chair 4D Zenesse | side | white

Who benefits?

YOU! Thanks to an intelligent body sensor, the chair not only adjusts its massage to your body vertically, horizontally and deep into your body, but also determines your individual back contours. The massage techniques are modelled after both classic Swedish massage and Japanese Shiatsu, and work along various acupressure points so that your life energy "Qi" can flow freely. The latter, in turn, is based on the meridian teachings of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

fact sheet   |   user manual

#2     FLOW   ...   super robust & comfy

FLOW massage chair   |   with foot-rest


brainLight Shiatsu Massagesessel Flow presented by SMART cs
brainLight Shiatsu massage chair FLOW | red

Our super sturdy one

Simple and simply ingenious, it combines various air pressure and roller massage techniques, with minimum space requirements. For extra pleasure, the massage rolls don‘t stop in the lower back area but massage your buttocks as well.

6 Automatic programs

    +   seat angle and footrest can be adjusted individually
    +   timer function
    +   Pause/Play-function
    +   automatic switch-off
    +   very energy- and space-saving

    +   visualization-glasses (included)
    +   headphones (included)

Synchro Pro FLOW   |   with calf-rest


brainLight Synchro PRO flow optional with calfrest instead of footrest black
brainLight Synchro PRO FLOW optional with calfrest instead of footrest | black


   +  Bodyscan for detecting your individual back length;

        the massage is automatically adjusted
   +  Pinpoint positioning of the massage rolls
   +   Air pressure massage for the following areas:

        Feet & Calf, Arm & Hands, Shoulders, Waist & Loin area

   +   Massage for the soles of your feet with 3 speed settings
   +   Heating function for your loin area
   +   various chair positions manually selectable:
        incl. Zero Gravity Position

5 types of massage
Kneading  |  Clapping  |  Knocking (Pounding)  |  Tapping
Shiatsu for the
 back and buttocks with up to 6 speed settings

Wrapped in OEKO-Tex 100 certified leatherette!

More details here:     fact sheet   |   user manual 

#3     SPHERE   ...   your wellness sphere @ home or in the office

brainLight 4D-Shiatsu Massage Chair SPHERE | 5 colours: sand . grey . blue . black . red | presented by SMART cs
brainLight 4D-Shiatsu Massage Chair SPHERE | 5 colours: sand . grey . blue . black . red

SPHERE - Is your real Wellness-Sphere!

The brainLight-Shiatsu-Massage chair SPHERE - IS your Wellness-Sphere! It is wrapped in OEKO-Tex 100 certified leatherette and allows massages from neck to buttocks, tip of your fingers to the tip of your toes. Individually adjusted, when using the Health Check function or manually chosen, according to your needs at the moment: This feels good right now, in just this intensity.

Relaxing in perfect HARMONY!

Be assured. Through the well-thought Negative-Ions-Function you can heighten your sense of feeling well. Combined with the light and sound of the brainLight-Systems, SPHERE offers you a perfect experience of well-being.

More details here:      fact sheet

SPHERE Synchro Pro   ...   video assembly instructions

Video assembly instructions brainLight 4D Shiatsu massage chair Sphere with Synchro PRO | German with English subtitles

#4     GRAVITY PLUS  ...   the top selling massage chair



SMART cs presents: brainLight Shiatsu massage chair GRAVITY PLUS
brainLight Shiatsu massage chair GRAVITY PLUS | pure white

The most wanted

Due to its excellent hygienic properties, its robustness and low-maintenance, the brainLight Shiatsu-Massage Chair Gravity PLUS can be used in almost all areas, private as well as in companies. In the context of Corporate Health Management it can even be used while still wearing work clothes in the production and warehouse area.

GRAVITY PLUS   |   Heart-Balance-Position


brainLight Shiatsu-Massage Chair Gravity PLUS Herz Waage Position heart-balance position by SMART cs
brainLight Shiatsu-Massage Chair Gravity PLUS heart-balance position | side | sand

The most sold

With its stretch and rocking function, it supports the body in balancing the effects of long periods of sitting or standing as well as one-sided body strain.

More details here:     fact sheet   |   user manual 


How does a brainLight massage chair work?

The brainLight massage chairs combine multiple technologies to offer a comprehensive relaxation experience. This is how they work:

Massage function
Like many high-quality massage chairs, the brainLight chairs use mechanisms and motors to simulate different massage techniques; such as kneading, beating, rolling and shiatsu. These mechanisms move along the user's back in preset or customized patterns to relieve tension and relax muscles.

Light therapy
brainLight chairs are equipped with special glasses that emit light patterns. These light patterns are intended to have a calming effect and put the user in a relaxed state. The colors and patterns of the light can often be customized to suit the user's preferences or needs.

Sound therapy
Relaxing sounds or music are played to the user via headphones. These sounds can be nature sounds, meditative music, or other calming tones. The combination of light and sound is intended to put the user into a meditative or trance-like state that promotes relaxation.

Control & Regulation
Most brainLight systems have a control panel or remote control that allows the user to select and customize the type of massage, light patterns, and sound options. This enables an individual relaxation experience.

Ergonomic design
The armchairs are designed to follow the natural curves of the body. This ensures not only effective use, but also maximum comfort during use.

Automatic programs
Many models offer preset programs that combine different techniques and therapies to achieve specific relaxation goals, such as reducing stress, increasing energy, or promoting sleep.

Overall, the brainLight armchair works by combining body massage with visual and acoustic therapies to create a deep feeling of relaxation and well-being.

Advantages of the brainLight massage chairs!

The massage chairs from brainLight promote relaxation as well as mental and physical well-being. They can help with a variety of ailments and needs.

brainLight chairs offer a number of advantages that definitely distinguish them from conventional massage chairs:

Multisensory relaxation
The combination of massage, light and sound therapy offers a holistic relaxation experience that goes beyond the physical massage and also appeals to the senses.

Individual regulation
Many brainLight products allow users to customize the intensity and type of massage, light patterns, and music or sounds to create a customized relaxation experience.

High-quality technology & medical-scientific findings
The integration of advanced technology ensures a precise and effective massage based on the latest medical findings in scientific relaxation therapy.

Space saving design
Many models are designed to fit into different home or work environments without taking up a lot of space.

Ease of use
Most brainlight systems have intuitive control panels or remote controls that allow you to easily select and customize the functions you want.

Longevity and quality
brainlight attaches importance to producing high-quality and durable products so that users can benefit from reliable and long-lasting performance.

Promote general well-being
In addition to directly alleviating symptoms, regular use of the chair can help increase general well-being and quality of life.

Thanks to these advantages, the brainLight massage chairs offer a first-class relaxation experience that appeals to both body and mind.


worldwide reputation

These renown international companies belief in the deep relaxing power of brainLight.

By offering brainLight shiatsu massage chairs to their employees and/or the management board, they

assure the high health status of their own working power.

Apple  ~  DB  ~  Bayer  ~  AirPlus  ~  P+G  ~  BKK  ~  DATEV

Microsoft  ~  OKE Group  ~  Technische Uni Darmstadt  ~  Shell  ~  InShape  ~  Mitsui&Co  ~  VW  ~  BVMW Der Mittelstand
AOK  ~  ifB  ~  Johnson&Johnson  ~  Nordzucker  ~  VR Bank
Omikron  ~  Lufthansa  ~  Städtische Werke Nürnberg  ~  aja  ~  Barmenia
ADAC  ~  Sparkasse  ~  Thomas Cook  ~  BVG  ~  BMW  ~  Robinson
IBM  ~  Charité Berlin  ~  Opel  ~  Hermes  ~  Beiersdorf  ~  Jaguar  ~  Zurich  ...

All above-mentioned companies,

health institutions, organizations, banks,

fitness centers, wellness spas, public entities, health insurance companies,

pharmaceutical companies, IT specialists, automobile manufactures ...

use brainLight massage chairs as a

Corporate Health Management


for their own team or their customers.

Be part of the brainLight wellness sphere!

Valid for all   4   brainLight   massage chairs

Application areas

brainLight massage chairs are designed to promote relaxation and well-being. They can help with a variety of complaints and needs:

Relieve stress
Daily stress can lead to tension and mental exhaustion. The combination of massage, light and sound therapy can help reduce stress hormones and promote a feeling of relaxation.

Muscle tension
The massage techniques used in the chairs can help relieve muscle tension, especially in the back, neck and shoulder area.

Promote blood circulation
Massages can stimulate blood circulation, which in turn improves the supply of oxygen and nutrients to muscles and helps heal muscle injuries.

Sleep problems
The relaxing effects of the brainLight method can help you fall asleep more easily and improve the quality of your sleep.

Mental exhaustion
Light and sound therapy can help calm the mind, improve concentration and promote mental clarity.

Mood improvement
The method can release endorphins, known as “happy hormones,” which can improve mood.

By relieving muscle tension, especially in the neck and shoulder area, chairs can help reduce tension headaches.

It is important to note that although brainLight massage chairs can help alleviate some ailments, they should not be seen as a substitute for medical care or therapy. If you have serious or persistent health problems, you should always consult a doctor or therapist!

Who is the target group?

brainLight massage chairs can be suitable for different target groups, depending on their needs and life circumstances. Here are some target groups for which these chairs could be particularly useful:

People who work long hours in the office or perform physically demanding jobs can benefit from the chair's relaxing properties to relieve muscle tension and reduce stress.

Elderly people
Older people may be more prone to joint and muscle pain. A massage chair can help alleviate these discomforts while promoting a sense of well-being.

People who regularly exercise or are physically active can use the chair to relieve muscle tension, promote blood circulation and promote regeneration after training.

People with sleep problems
The relaxing effects of the chair can help people who have difficulty falling or staying asleep.

People with high levels of stress
People suffering from high levels of emotional or physical stress can benefit from the combined effects of massage, light and sound therapy to find relaxation.

People who spend a lot of time sitting
This includes not only office workers, but also drivers, pilots or other jobs that require sitting for long periods of time. The chair can help offset the negative effects of long periods spent sitting.

People looking for a mental break
The multi-sensory experience offered by the application can help people who are looking for a break from the sensory overload of everyday life and want to mentally refresh.

However, it is important to note that while many people can benefit from a brainLight device, it may not be suitable for people who have certain health problems, such as: serious heart problems, fractures, or certain skin conditions. It is always advisable to consult a doctor before using such a device, especially if there are health problems.

brainLight MOBILE

anytime & anywhere

Just as easy to use as the brainLight Synchro PRO control tower.

For using brainLight MOBILE you only have to

choose the program number and put on the visualization-glasses and headphones.

At the touch of a button, a symphony of light & sound frequencies as well as matching music begins.

Depending on the program selection, you will also be accompanied by speech on your journey inside.



SMART cs presents these brainLight awards


European Health & Spa award  ~  german brand award winner 23  ~  HORECA award
Industriepreis Bestenliste 2023  ~  Innovationspreis ERGONOMIE 2023  ~  LBY Luxury Brand of the Year 2016

PLUS X AWARD  ~  TOP Brand Corporate Health 2023  ~  Wellness & Spa Innovation award 2017

It is our strength to keep the overview when things are getting complicated.

With our large portfolio of solutions, we are sure to satisfy your needs.

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